French Pot Cupboard


A rustic French pot cupboard with four shelves.

Its lovely very pale mint green chippy paint has smatterings of beige peeping through, treated with a clear wax offering subtle rustic charm.

This is a lovely piece of versatile storage.

The rear left leg has become rotten over time, as highlighted in the photographs, but it has been treated with rot hardener and is perfectly stable. However, there is room to remove the leg by 4cm, along with the others reducing the overall height to 124cm should you so wish.

Shelf Heights:-
Base Shelf to Top of First Shelf 25cm.
First Shelf to Second Shelf 24cm.
Second Shelf to Third Shelf 25cm.
Third Shelf to Top 27cm.


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Measurements:H 128 x W 71 x D 34 cm

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