1950’s English Rose Kitchen Sink Unit


A stunning, authentic 1950’s English Rose Kitchen sink unit.

The English Rose Kitchen was one of the pioneering modular kitchen systems of the 50’s.

These now classic designs were really innovative for the time, new modular units being made made from top quality sturdy aluminium materials left over from World War 2, that bolt together in numerous formations. They are a perfect example of Great British Engineering. Manufactured in Warwick, by CSA Industries, these bold kitchens hail from the factories that made parts for the iconic Spitfire fighter planes.

Usually spray painted in beautiful muted pastels with bright Formica tops, our sink unit has been stripped and polished, including end panels, to give a high end industrial look with all the iconic retro style synonymous with the design.

It has three base cupboards with 1 shelf per cupboard, three curved drawers, a central sink with plumbing for single taps and a double draining board. The doors can be reversed.

Clean and streamlined – the ‘Rolls Royce’ of kitchens.

Sink H50 W 38 D20cm.
Internal Drawer H11 W41 D41cm.
Door Opening H53 W45cm.
Shelves 30cm.
Taps pictured not included.


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Measurements:H 101 x W 160 x D 56 cm

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